Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maybe yes, maybe no...

Choose "yes" or "no", sometimes can be so hard, sometimes can change your life forever.
Everytime you have the "no" there. Said someone to give himself energy and corage, because the "no" is the thing that frigthened us; we said "no" at all, all the time. But somepeople, sometimes said "yes", and when we said "yes", all the things can change.
When a girl is easy, we said that she had a "easy yes". But, the it's life. Walk, dream. Walk on, the yes only is the word that show us the thing that we hadn't, and the thing that we need to do it. And... one chance more. And what we do? We said "NO!"  when we can be carefoul, take it easy and said "maybe yes"We live forever stopped. We stop the time, we said a stupid and hold negation.

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